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About Kraats Kaas

About Kraats Kaas

Kraats Kaas is a modern and broadly certified cheese processing company, established in Hoogeveen. At Kraats Kaas, a wide range of cheeses is processed into slices, cubes and grated form...

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The people behind Kraats Kaas

The people at Kraats Kaas ensure a continuous quality delivery. All employees - from production to management - work in a safe, clean and pleasant work environment...

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Corporate film - behind the scenes at Kraats kaas

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Kraats Kaas: reliability & quality

At all major cheese factories the quality of the cheese that is used as raw material can be qualified as good to excellent. This means that the competition in our industry is huge. That is why we, at Kraats Kaas, have opted for the following strategy:
‘Using integral quality and delivery reliability to make a commodity a brand: Kraats Kaas!’


Kraats Kaas BV | Buitenvaart 1125 | 7905 SE Hoogeveen | the Netherlands